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She's Here! The Captain Marvel Doll!

When I was told I would be working on the first female lead in a Marvel movie, I was ecstatic! Marvel has been a huge part of childhood, I read the comics, watched the TV show and collected Marvel trading cards! One of my cousin's entire bedroom was all comic books, posters and every memorabilia you could imagine, even though it was mainly DC, it was like a portal to Heaven for me.

So when the opportunity came to work on Marvel Dolls at Hasbro, you can imagine my excitement. Adding on top of designing the textiles for Ghost Spider, Quake and Patriot, I also would get to design the textiles for the infamous Captain Marvel for the new movie, Captain Marvel coming out in March - this was a dream come true for me and one I will not quickly forget. The main thing about this project, for me was to get the costume as close to the movie as possible. I studied the movie shots very late into the night and compared and contrasted to my artwork. After several revisions, we got the suit where it needed to be. And I am very happy with the result! Check out the pics below and check out the doll next time you're at Target or another large retailer. Would love to hear what you think!

*I do not own the rights to these pictures.

Please check out the doll and the rest of the pics here:

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