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Painting French Houses

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I visited France in November, traveling to Paris, Mont Saint Michel and Rouen. I just love France, I always find the people warm and hospitable (most of the time). The architecture is so beautiful and romantic and this trip i fell absolutely in love with the small houses, some cottages. American houses are great, but just different. While in the USA, we have modern conveniences in our houses and more spaciousness generally, these small houses in France were so cozy and sweet. They have such great character and uniqueness that I feel is so different from the USA. When I went to Poland, the year before, I felt a similar feeling for the houses there, so it may be a general European style, these cozy, sweet houses.

Taking my Memories with Me

Of course, most of the time when I am on holiday, I never want to leave. So what is a woman to do? The next best thing, take my memories with me. In honor of these French houses and cottages, I have started a painting series. Check out the first installment here:

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